MAVO blo∞m

【Jun】Course Menu line up

【MAVO bloom experience】

The concept of our restaurant is based on food and non-alcoholic beverage pairing. We would like you to experience the euphoria of each pairing that we have designed without using alcohol. We specialize in this because we would like all guests to enjoy the same moment and space here.


To provide an elevated dining experience, we have this concept called [setchu] which basically blends various cultures, ideas, and styles without compromising their unique identity.

Today in MAVO we will be offering our signature course called “Tea & Confectionery Sechu”



A menu that visualizes the fluctuations brought about by the pairings proposed by MAVO bloom.

In MAVO, we create a well-balanced dining experience utilizing three different types of pairings, as you can see on the left side of the menu, we have synergy, which is enhancing, synchro, which blends similar flavor and sublime, which means complementary. Each pairing has a differently designed effect so that it is not monotonous, but more exhilarating [exciting] as an experience.

We also change our menu monthly so our customers can encounter a new dining experience each time.


Course Menu

In early summertime, we use local vegetables and fruits that are in season, such as kamo nasu eggplant and melon. This month, our menu uses edible flowers which is inspired by the name [Bloom].

初夏に向けて、賀茂茄子やメロンなど、旬の野菜や果実をふんだんに使用。 今月のコースはbloomの名にちなんだ「エディブルフラワー」を使用したコース内容となっております。食せるお花がもたらす、香り・味わいの豊かなペアリング体験をご堪能ください。

【均衡】Asuka no So and Degarashi Sables paired with Tencha extracted in ice cold low pressure condition

飛鳥の蘇と出涸らしのサブレ&碾茶 氷温減圧抽出

This extraction method is uniquely created by MAVO, and as a result it can be extracted in a few minutes instead of the regular cold brew that might take a few hours. 

The resulting beverage is savory and very rich in umami taste like soup stock. Enjoy it together with the traditional Japanese snack “Asuka no So,” which is a type of fresh cheese made by boiling milk for over seven hours. Next to it is a sable made from the extracted leftover tencha leaves, this pairs well with the umami (savory) taste of this tea beverage.

MAVO 独自の抽出方法を用いることで、本来であれば数時間かかってしまう水出しを数分で抽出した碾茶。非常に濃厚な出汁のような旨味を感じられる。牛乳を煮詰めたチーズのような味わいを持つ日本古来の小菓子「飛鳥の蘇」と、碾茶を抽出した出涸らしで作ったサブレをお茶の旨みと合わせながら楽しむ

【初花】Edible Flower Salad, Kamonasu Eggplant, and Apple Tartar  Paired with Rose Roasted Green Tea



【爽緑】Bean and Vanilla Flan & Sencha Mojito


A chilled dish featuring a flan made with seasonal beans and finished with vanilla. To accentuate the harmonious relationship between beans and mint, both in the dish and the drink, we have prepared a Sencha Mojito infused with fresh mint and lime. Contrasting the rich greenness and sweetness of the dish, the tea’s refreshing minty notes overlay to create a taste and aroma that embodies the refreshing essence of early summer.


【開花】Rose sherbet and aromatic spheres.


Precious roses, which have been used in Restaurant Norma, are used to lock in the fragrant essence of the rose in a three-day low-temperature extraction process. The rose granite is delicately made to be tasted by the sense of smell rather than the sense of taste, with a reduced sweetness to enhance the rose aroma. The Aroma Sphere contains a liquid blend of rose and hojicha tea, which, when crushed in the mouth, envelops the palate in a bouquet of rose aroma.


【総造】Kiwi and Shincha Pavlova & Kabusecha with Yamato Tachibana Blosso


Seasonal fresh tea sorbet with kiwi and sage is a refreshing dessert inspired by the lush green atmosphere of early summer. Jasmine-flavoured panna cotta and pineapple further enhance the flavour of the kiwi. Yamato tachibana, with its jasmine-like aroma, is combined with kabusecha tea for a luxurious moment surrounded by the fragrance of flowers.


【象徴】Grilled Mandarin Orange and Shiso Sorbet with Sauce Gastrique & Spiced Fruit Japanese Black Tea

焼きみかんと大葉のソルベ ソースガストリック&スパイスと果実の和紅茶

Each month, MAVO bloom offers a different dish made with ‘citrus’ and ‘herbs’. The sauce is a rich gastrique sauce made with a homemade base, polished over three days and finished with Grand Marnier and butter. The perfect accompaniment to this sauce is the Japanese black tea blended to complement the sauce and mimic the colour and taste of red wine from the moment it enters the mouth to the moment it is swallowed. The tea blend contains ingredients such as coriander, star anise and vanilla that harmonise with the citrus fruits, allowing the guest to experience the aroma and taste of wine tasting through Japanese tea.

MAVO bloomが毎月スタイルを変えてお出しする「柑橘」と「ハーブ」の一皿。ソースは自家製の三日間かけて仕上げたソースベースを用いて、グランマルニエとバターで仕上げる濃厚なガストリックソース。このソースに最もペアリングするようにブレンドした和紅茶の一杯は、水色を赤ワインのように仕上げることで、体験のプロセスを赤ワインをなぞる様に仕上げました。お茶には柑橘と相性の良いコリアンダーや八角、バニラなどをブレンドし、アタック、ミドル、アフターという重曹的な香りと味わいを日本茶で表現しています

【時味】Young Corn and Matcha Beignet & Genmaicha with Matcha


A savoury dish of seasonal young corn coated in a crunchy matcha batter. The tea is warm genmaicha (brown rice tea), which serves to reset the palate by harmonising the nuttiness of the roasted rice with the umami and subtle bitterness of the matcha and sencha teas. The crispy texture of the batter and the nutty flavour of the brown rice tea complement each other and the sweetness of the young corn and the bitterness of the tea, making for a delightful pairing experience.


【夢幻】Melon and Dill & Marigold with Awaban Tea Sparkling Tea


The main dessert for June. This dish features seasonal melon infused with refreshing herb aromas. To recreate the well-loved relationship of melon and champagne, often enjoyed as an apéritif, we have created a sparkling tea blended with the sweet fragrance of flowers. The delicate sweetness of the melon is enhanced by the effervescence of the sparkling tea, allowing you to fully savor the flavors of the season.



MAVO’s closing dish. A risotto-like dish made without dairy products, with rice cooked in dashi broth and covered with a matcha sauce. Underneath the rice is a layer of baked bean paste, a fusion of nostalgia and novelty, much like a Japanese confectionary. This dish, a fusion of tea and pastry, embodies our philosophy by emphasising the variety of culinary experiences that tea and pastry can bring.

MAVO bloom恒例の締めの一皿。抹茶をソースに出汁で炊いた米を乳製品を使わずに仕上げたリゾットの様な一皿。米の下には、焼いた餡子を敷いており、どこかに和菓子のような味わいも感じられる新しくもあり、懐かしさもある味わいです。茶菓折衷という名称は、当店のコンセプトでもあり茶と菓子がもたらす折衷的な食事体験を掲げる私たちの思想を表した一皿です

【記憶】Two types of chocolate and an original blend tea


Two types of after-dinner chocolates. The matcha and apricot chocolates and the yuzu miso chocolates have a sour taste so that they are not too heavy after dinner. The original blend of tea is prepared in front of the guests according to their mood and requests. The end of the meal is a memorable and relaxing experience.